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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Stressful Lives of Coffee Drinkers

Oh my goodness.....some people in this world worry over the most absurd, miniscule problems that it worries me to see how they would react in a really unfortunate situation.

So this woman came into the coffee shop this morning and got her usual medium cup of joe to go... as she does every day. She then handed us her loyalty card (you know, the "get 9 stamps and your tenth coffee is free" type of deal) Well, somewhere between her purse and my co-workers hand, the card went missing. This woman is a stamp pack-rat; she had 2 cards full of stamps.....maybe like 25 stamps. NEway, we couldn't find her card but told her we'd look for it and put it aside when we found it. she leaves. 30 minutes later I answer the phone...

"um yes, hello. I came in this morning and that girl who works there lost my stamp card. can you please find it. i'll be back later."

"ok. i'll do my best." WTF?? Don't accuse my co-worker of such absurdities. i assure you, losing your stamp card is not part of her agenda, you noodle-headed, whore.

THEN!!! about another hour later my boss comes upstairs from her office and says, "oh my lord! that crazy woman called me about her stamp card! i told her that no one lost her card and that is was probably dropped or picked up by someone else."

the woman starting ranting and raving about how she's been coming into the shop for two years and blah blah blah blah blah! ???!!! Who gives a damn lady!! stop wasting our time! My boss just laughed and said, "um how bout we just give you some free coffees?" my boss has little patience for people like this and yet she even went digging through the garbage to try and shut this woman up.

I could just picture this poor woman, back in her office sans stamp card, fuming, blood pressure rising, unable to concentrate on anything on her computer screen.

How can a person live a normal life when such trivial occurences send them off the wall like that? I pity her. I really do.

we all had a nice chuckle about it though.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

hello young lovers!!!

My friends!!!

I am so sorry my blogging has been non-existant these past few weeks. But MUCH has been going on.........lots of family/friend/lovah dramatics and it's all been far too overwhelming, but I seem to be on the road to coping right now. So all's well that ends well, finally. Godmother is living with us right now for reasons I'm still in a shaken state about. I don't want this first blog in weeks to be depressing, but I will fill you in. So a couple weeks ago, when I was in NYC with my lovah, I called home to get some horrifying news; my mom's best friend, my godmother and second mom, who lives alone, was greeted with a visitor in her bedroom in the early hours of the morning. She was robbed of both her personal belongings and her personal, womanly dignities. She was raped at knifepoint and then forced to get into her car and drive to the atm to withdraw more money. It was a tragic, horrendous occurence and there's really no other way to put it. But that said, she's an amazing woman and has been so strong, but obviously cannot go back to living in that house alone again. I love having her here, she's fun, with a great sense of humour and most of all, she's not alone.

PHEW, ok.........what's next? My lovah and I have been arguing like you wouldn't believe...all is fine now, but it was ugly. We actually had our talk about my leaving and he came up with some smart ideas and solutions. I adore him more than ever.

I also realised this week just how fragile my emotions are when it comes to the well-being of my family. My father, who is 74 is such a cool man and is quite a bright spark for his age. he's a musician who still plays regularly and one believes how old he is. you would all think he was ten years younger...but on Friday night I got a call from my mom while i was at my lovah's house telling me to come home, she was panicked and I could hear my father's withered crying in the background; he had gotten into a bike accident. In Bermuda, we all drive mopeds and when the roads are wet, accidents happen. He had slammed on the brakes, and the bike had gone right out beneath him. This image of my father coming of his bike and hurting himself and then hearing him cry, knowing how shaken up he must have been, sent me over the edge. I started wailing immediately, I couldn't stop, I was so worried. We rushed home to catch my mom and dad out the door on the way to the hospital and there was a lot of blood and I just couldn't handle it. He went on to get stitches and a cast for a fractured foot and has bandages on every joint but he's fine and is strong enough to deal with it. Oh how I love my papa!

So I'm leaving to move to NYC in less than 2 months??! CRAZY!!!! I'm a little frightened of leaving my lovah but maybe it'll all work out? He wants to go back to school, and he wants to try the NY film academy in 2008 so if we can do a year apart then we can live together for a bit!! EXCITORAMA!!!!

oh but i miss all of you sooooo much and am now going to spend a good portion of my evening reading your blogs and leaving my loving comments at your disposal.

sorry you felt so neglected sillyrabbit, i dedicate this blog to YOU!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Stupid bill.

I can never motivate myself to pay my cell phone bill. It's months overdue and the bill has reached a sum I'm too frightened to even observe.

My brother tells me that when I move to the states people will come after me for this type of thing. Maybe I should practice being responsible now??

Maybe I'll just keep being lazy while I can.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

just obey yourself, damnit!

I think I have a device in my brain that wants to object to everything I set out to do.
I tell myself, for real this time, that I'm going to eat well again and go back to going to the gym 5 days a week.
But what really happens is I eat more and sleep more. No gym.

I think I get a high from defying any kind of proposed structure to my life.

I say, "call you hairdresser and get a haircut for god's sake!"

I look up the number in the phone book, write it down then go to the kitchen to find something to eat. no appointment made.

No vegetables eaten. No gym visited.