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Friday, August 17, 2007


Please go see "Superbad". Please. Do it for me.

aaaaahhh! I'm back! and I guess I have so much to say I dont know where to start.
Good things are happening. The fringe is in full swing and I'm going to see a fellow Randolph grad tomorrow as I am seeing her beau in a rock version of 'a winter's tale'. this makes me happy.
I started my improv classes last tuesday and they are a BLAST. I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard. Oh wait, 4th term Shakespeare. I recall laughing hard then.
Anyway, taking this class has changed my whole perspective of the city. I really needed to tear down those walls of inhibition that had so rudely been built around me over the last 3 months.
I also visited the whitney museum last friday with a friend and was so glad to finally get myself to a museum! It was the 'summer of love' exhibit so I got to experience all kinds of psychedelic art in it's various forms. As well as photos of the stones, janis, jimi, the grateful dead......many in which we see these artists at their best: ingesting hallucinogenic drugs. crazy days. but it was a cool reminder of such a inhibition-less era. here we see everyone rebelling the social and sexual morales of the 50's and setting aside almost 2 full decades of debauchery and political demonstration. there were some graphic videos being shown.........i'll just say 'orgy' and let you use your imagination. I don't know that I would have fared so well as a Haight-Ashbury hippy.

i have missed this. I will continue catching up on all your blogs over the weekend. kisses!!!!