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Friday, June 09, 2006

Better days are a comin'!

This has been a good week. I've smiled, I've laughed, I've acknowledged what's important and what doesn't have to be important. I've stopped distressing over what does not need to be a permanent fixture in my life.

I was needy....I needed hugs and loving and phone calls and junk food. I needed Jack Johnson and a morning swim in crystal clear ocean. I needed kisses from my lovah and words of advice from my brother. I needed wine and good conversation and I got it all. I was rejuvenated this week and I can sense a new current of creative juices about to course their way into this restless cerebrum.....


Blogger skinny-rabbit said...

It was the twizzlers, wasn't it?

2:19 AM  
Blogger Neenia said...

I love that you get to take a refreshing morning swim in a crystal blue ocean. That's perfect!

12:59 PM  
Blogger DancingAntsInMyPants said...

it was indeed the twizzlers. and reading your blog about the nostalgic 'mystery poo'. that created some much needed gigglies.

12:52 PM  
Blogger warriorprincesse said...

yay to feeling awesome! PS now you won't die in the woods from that rare disease where the only thing that can save you is twizzlers.

10:24 AM  

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