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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I love cereal

I can't get enough cereal this morning! I bought the new All-bran flakes with yogurt clusters yesterday and i'm addicted. Cereal has always and will always be on the top of my favorite food list...... Just thought I would share this morning's breakfast satisfaction with you.

So, I went to my little "movement" call back last night. I had no idea what to expect....I just got a call yesterday morning and they told me to come in because the director wanted to do some movement with me; sort of get an idea of how limber and graceful I am, I guess. Well, fortunately, I was the only one, out of the 7 of us there, who was actually comfortable with the moves. But the other girls were certainly cute and very "belle" looking. maybe I was just nervous.....really there's no telling.
Is he going to make Belle a dancing beauty or was I there so he could see if I would fit the role of the ballet dancing, mop? Perhaps a groovin' and shakin' dinner plate?

we shall see how this unfolds in the next couple of days.

So i have to mentally prepare myself to go to work today, just like any other day.v As soon as I finish work at 7 tonight, I have to go straight to babysit these 2 kids I sit on a regular basis. They're cute and the house is very pleasant to relax in. Mostly because it's not mine and there are no blood relatives around to annoy me for no reason. It's funny how I can ease up and unwind better in someone else's home, than my own.
I also have a great excuse to watch "that's so raven". Is it weird that I actually look forward to this part of our ritual evening together? I can forget and let go of all the other shit in my life and just be a kid for a couple hours.

Well, here's to the work day! I'm starting to sweat just thinking about it.........


Blogger warriorprincesse said...

I am reading your blog right now instead of going to work. AND instead of going to work out.


I love That's So Raven. And I miss babysitting.

And you!

And I just had a bowl of cereal.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Neenia said...

I love MiniWheats.

4:54 PM  

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