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Saturday, June 24, 2006


I'm doing that thing little babies do when they're so excited; it's like their tiny bodies can't handle all the anticipation so they raise their arms, ball up their hands, tightly squeezing their fists and then they smile and SHAKE uncontrollably! Do you know what I'm talking about or is this my own observation?

AAAHHH!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My old roomie from toronto is coming to see me tomorrow! Hooray! she's never been here and we haven't seen eachother since my 2004 graduation so it will be a week of good times. not to mention i got the week off work. moihahahahaha, good riddens, u caffeine addicted arseholes!

PLUS!!! my brother's flying in mere hours later.....then our house will be full of fun. chaotic, loud energy. my favorite!

when will I reunite with my blogger friends??? i miss you!


Blogger skinny-rabbit said...

when I read "My old roomie from toronto is coming to see me tomorrow", my first thought was "I am?" Then I realized I wasn't your first. And yes, I totally get the excited baby description, and I can totally see you doing it.

12:51 AM  
Blogger artsmonkey said...

if only i had all the free air miles in the world.
i could really use a vacation ... south.

3:21 PM  
Blogger warriorprincesse said...

I'M TELLING YOU, THERE NEEDS TO BE A PLACE WHERE BLOGGER FRIENDS CAN ALL MEET! Who's got the secret entrance through the wardrobe?

And I do know that excited feeling!

11:18 PM  

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